• What is Bariatric Surgery?
    For many people, weight loss is a simple formula for eating less and moving more. They follow the steps and lose weight. It is not so easy for everyone, though. Read more
  • Everything You Should Know About Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Inflammatory bowel disease affects many people so it’s important that you understand what inflammatory bowel disease is and what may put you at a higher risk for having it. Your Read more
  • When do I Need Bariatric Surgery?
    Bariatric surgery from your surgeons in LaGrange, Berwyn, and Elmhurst, IL, can help you regain your health. Obesity is an epidemic in this country. Fast food, a diet high in saturated Read more
  • What is a Full Cancer Screening?
    A full cancer screening can include various diagnostic tests to check for several different types of cancer. Undergoing a screening helps identify cancer during the early stages when it’s easier Read more
  • What is a Gastric Bypass?
    Gastric bypass surgery is a type of surgery that can aid in weight loss for eligible candidates. The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach, which limits the amount Read more
  • When Do I Need a Colon Cancer Screening?
    If you are between the ages of 45 and 75 years old, it may be time for a colorectal cancer screening. Even if you are younger but have a family Read more
  • When Is Surgery Needed To Treat Acid Reflux?
    Acid reflux is a common digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates your esophagus. Anytime acid reflux is chronic or uncontrolled, it is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease Read more
  • How Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease Diagnosed and Managed?
    Inflammatory bowel disease can cause lasting issues outside of your intestines if it’s not properly dealt with by your proper surgeons. Your doctors at Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute in Read more
  • What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?
    On average, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life. It’s also possible for men to be diagnosed with breast cancer but is extremely rare. Read more
  • What Is Benign Breast Disease?
    Discovering a lump in your breast does necessarily mean that you have cancer. Here’s what you should know.  You’re standing in the shower, performing a self-exam when you notice a lump. Read more
  • Is Robotic Hernia Surgery Right for You?
    You need to repair a hernia. Here’s how robotic surgery may be the best option.  Hiatal hernias are surprisingly common. Our Berwyn, La Grange, and Elmhurst, IL surgeons see this condition Read more
  • The Benefits Of Cancer Screenings
    There are certain cancers, such as stomach, colon, and rectal cancers, that can be treated if caught early. It’s important to listen to your doctor when they recommend a cancer Read more
  • What Is Diverticulitis?
    Diverticulitis appears differently in different people, but it is always a source of pain and discomfort. Your doctor at Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute in Berwyn, La Grange, and Elmhurst, Read more
  • Everything You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass
    Is your New Year's resolution every year the same? Would you like finally to achieve your ideal weight and improve your health? At Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute in Berwyn, Read more
  • What To Know About Gallbladder Surgery
    The gallbladder is an organ that is kind of shaped like a pear. It's located on the right side of your abdomen, right beneath your liver. It contains a digestive Read more
  • Scheduling a Breast Cancer Screening
    Here’s why every woman should come in for annual breast cancer screenings.  If you are a woman in her forties who is at average risk for developing breast cancer, then you’ll Read more

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