The Importance of Obtaining Care for Surgical Disease Despite the Pandemic

Are you putting off the medical care you need out of fear of Covid-19?

With the ever-growing concerns about Covid-19, our La Grange, IL, Elmhurst, IL, and Berwyn, IL, general surgeons have noticed that many patients aren’t getting the routine checkups and care they need or maybe putting off surgical care out of fear of contracting the virus. As dedicated physicians that have been serving the Chicago western suburbs for more than 40 years, we want you to know that putting off the care you need could pose great harm to your health.

Are You Avoiding Necessary Medical Care?

According to the CDC, about 4 in 10 US adults reported avoiding medical care because of concerns regarding Covid-19. We have seen that people with disabilities, as well as individuals with preexisting health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, were more likely to delay or avoid the urgent care they need out of fear; however, this can also put you at risk for serious and life-threatening complications. By providing you with the care you need when health problems arise, our La Grange, IL, physicians can prevent unnecessary surgical care, hospitalizations and long-term treatments.

Don’t Postpone Routine and Preventive Care

Even if you aren’t feeling sick or having health problems, you may think postponing a checkup with your doctor is okay but this could also lead to unnecessary health problems and expenses later on. You don’t just visit the doctor when you’re dealing with issues, you also visit them to prevent problems in the first place; however, with patients still avoiding the doctor’s office, patients aren’t getting colorectal cancer screenings, mammograms and other screenings that they need to protect against severe disease. Don’t put off these necessary screenings, even if you feel fine. These screenings are often the only way to detect cancer and other serious health problems in their earliest stages when they are curable.

We’re Here to Keep You Safe

At our La Grange, IL, practice, we’ve been providing surgical care and other medical services throughout most of the pandemic and we’ve implemented all the CDC’s recommendations regarding cleaning and disinfecting of medical practices. Our doctors and staff are all wearing the appropriate PPE, and every patient that walks through our doors must be masked. We are also doing our part to maintain social distancing in the waiting room. Patients who feel sick must reschedule their appointments and should not come into our office while they are ill.

If you have questions or concerns about the safety and sanitation protocols we’ve put in place (particularly with regards to surgical care) at our Berwyn, La Grange and Elmhurst, IL, locations don’t hesitate to call Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute today at (708) 484-0621.

Please call our office number (708)484-0621 for all questions and appointment requests.