What is a Full Cancer Screening?

A full cancer screening can include various diagnostic tests to check for several different types of cancer. Undergoing a screening helps identify cancer during the early stages when it’s easier to treat. The skilled surgeons at Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute in La Grange, Berwyn, and Elmhurst, IL, perform cancer screenings for breast cancer and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cancers of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Several different types of cancers can develop along the gastrointestinal tract, including stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon cancer. A full cancer screening can check for signs of these different cancers. Screening tests make it possible to diagnose cancer early, often before any obvious symptoms develop. With early diagnosis and prompt treatment, cancer can be more easily stopped from spreading.

Two commonly utilized methods of cancer screening at our La Grange, Berwyn, and Elmhurst, IL, offices include colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. Both screening procedures involve the use of a specialized scope with a camera to view the interior of the colon, stomach, esophagus, or other areas of the digestive system.

The scopes transmit video images to a screen, allowing the doctor to identify abnormalities. The scope can also be used to remove polyps and tumors or extract tissue samples for biopsy.

Another screening method used to check for signs of cancer is the fluoroscopy, which is a continuous X-ray. The fluoroscopy is used to examine the upper gastrointestinal tract. Our experienced surgeons can recommend specific screening tests based on several factors, such as the presence of specific symptoms and your personal and family medical history.

Breast Cancer

We also screen for breast cancer using several diagnostic methods. Breast exams, ultrasounds, and mammograms can reveal the presence of lumps. If a suspicious area is identified, a tissue sample is taken for biopsy to determine if cancer cells are present.

Some symptoms can develop in association with breast cancer, such as changes in the size, shape, or appearance of the breast. However, it is often asymptomatic, which makes cancer screening all the more important. Although breast cancer primarily affects women, it is possible for men to develop the disease as well so both can benefit from screening.

A full cancer screening can aid in the early diagnosis of certain cancers when they are easier to treat. For cancer screening in La Grange, Berwyn, and Elmhurst, IL, contact Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute at (708) 484-0621.

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