Compassionate Care for Breast Health: Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

You need to be mindful of your breasts’ health to catch problems before they cause you lasting harm. Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute can provide breast health support in Elmhurst and Hinsdale, IL: screening, diagnosis, and treatment options will vary. Here’s what you need to know about how we can help.

Screening: An Important First Step

 Screenings are a powerful way of spotting potential issues before you develop symptoms — many early breast cancer cases show no warning signs. Mammograms and simple touch-based screenings (from professional doctors) can help you through this potent and important recovery process.

Our team understands that this might seem uncomfortable at first. Let us know how you feel — we’ll pair you up with a physician you feel comfortable with. We believe in making a strong connection with our patients as people.

Diagnosis: Figuring Out What’s Wrong

 At Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute, our breast health treatments for Elmhurst and Hinsdale, IL, women go beyond screenings. If we notice something concerning (like a lump or bump in your breasts), we’ll use our high-tech diagnostics to help you out through this difficult period.

With our intensive medical help, it should be easier to identify what problems impact your breasts: cancer is the most important to catch but not the only issue. For example, blood flow issues could cause varicose or spider veins, and our team can help figure out how to get rid of them ASAP for you.

Treatment: Varies Based on Your Needs

 Depending on your situation, your treatment may be non-invasive. For example, you might have a non-cancerous tumor that goes away with drugs — it happens! However, cancer requires more focused treatment that our team can help you with at every step.

Radiation treatment — i.e., focused bursts of powerful rays — can kill many cancerous tumors. Surgery (including complete breast removal) may be necessary in other cases. Chemotherapy, lifestyle modification, and psychological counseling: all play a part in your breast therapy.

We’re Here for Your Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

At Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute, we can provide help for breast health in Elmhurst and Hinsdale, IL, including cancer screenings, careful diagnosis processes, and much more! We care about you: call (708) 484-0621 to get started. It’s the right step for you — it could literally save your life in some situations!

Please call our office number (708)484-0621 for all questions and appointment requests.