What To Know About Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder is an organ that is kind of shaped like a pear. It's located on the right side of your abdomen, right beneath your liver. It contains a digestive liquid called bile, a fluid that enters your small intestine. Sometimes small stones form inside the gallbladder, called gallstones. You may experience painful symptoms.

Some patients' gallbladders may be swollen or infected. Other times, your doctor may determine that your gall bladder is cancerous. When this occurs, your doctor may recommend gallbladder surgery. Our doctors at the Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute are experts at treating gallbladder issues, and they accept patients at 3 locations. Whether you choose the Berwyn, La Grange, or Hinsdale, IL, you will receive the same quality care. Keep reading to learn more about gallbladder surgery.

When is Gallbladder Surgery Necessary?

Gallbladder surgery is necessary when you experience severe symptoms such as abdominal pain that lasts for several hours, nausea and vomiting, urine the color of tea, light-colored stools, or jaundice. These symptoms are all signs of a serious gall bladder infection or inflammation.

Types of Gallbladder Surgery

There are two types of gallbladder surgery. Your doctor will determine which method is best for your unique needs. Choose from 3 convenient locations, Berwyn, La Grange, or Hinsdale.

The less invasive form of surgery is the laparoscopic method. With this kind of surgery, the surgeon makes three or four small incisions. The surgeon then uses a long tube with a tiny camera and surgical tools attached to the end of it. He or she inserts the equipment into the incisions to perform the surgery. The surgeon uses a TV monitor to aid in removing the gallbladder.

Some surgeons opt for the open method of gallbladder surgery. During this kind of surgery, the surgeon makes one incision between four to six inches long. Using surgical tools, the surgeon removes the gallbladder.

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When you have problems with your gall bladder, you must see your doctor right away. He or she will help you determine if gallbladder surgery is necessary. If the doctors at Suburban Surgical Associates/Suburban Metabolic Institute recommend surgery, we have 3 convenient locations dedicated to providing you with the treatment you need. Our Berwyn, La Grange, and Hinsdale, IL, locations are ready to assist. Schedule your appointment by calling (708) 484-0621.

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